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  • Synthesis of Tuberculosis Competitive Inhibitor Protein KasA

    By Arianna Chase and Carrie Garvey Faculty Mentor: Dr. Davis Oldham Abstract:   The KasA protein in M. tuberculosis catalyzes the steps of a four-step fatty acid elongation that consequently enables the strength of the TB cell wall. The inhibition of the KasA protein would cause the fatty acid chain to not form and encourage the […]

  • Antibiotic Sensitivity Assay using Bacillus Strain Resistant Phages

    By Arianna Chase, Jay Boudreau Faculty mentor: Dr. Swati Agrawal Bacillus anthracis, the bacteria responsible for the serious infectious disease anthrax, can easily become antibiotic resistant. As inhalation anthrax has only a 55% survival rate with aggressive treatment, new ways of treating the disease have been looked at, alongside the similar bacteria, but less deadly, […]