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  • Kenmore Park: A Playground Redesign

    By Alberic Karina-Plun, Jeremy Knerr, Ben Loppacker, John Giannini, Zadie Lacy, Elizabeth Goodloe, Rebecca Kellam, Megan Riley, Hannah St. Onge Faculty mentor: Dr. Andrea Smith AbstractIn the spring semester of 2022, nine seniors from Mary Washington’s Departmentof Historic Preservation took on the task of a conceptual redesign of the playground at Kenmore Park. The students […]

  • A Look into the Preservation of Virginia’s African American Cemeteries 

    By Megan Riley   Faculty advisor: Dr. Andrea Smith  3:00-3:50pm, HCC 328 This presentation will cover the research I have done on historic African American cemeteries in Virginia. First, I will discuss the preservation of cemeteries as a whole: how it is done, who does it, and why should people care. Next, I will discuss some […]