“Curculio” by Plautus (c. 254-184 BCE): Play presented by the Roman Drama class (Latin 352A and Classics 492) in Latin, with some narrative assistance in English

By Katharine Bogen, Eleanor Clark, Grace Anne Gregg, Matthew Nelson, Brooke Prevedel, Jessica Thorne

Faculty mentor: Dr. Liane Houghtalin

Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl. A long-lost brother. A long-lost sister. A greedy pimp. A greedy banker. Some helpful friends. In short, the usual Roman comedy. Fun for all, and no one gets hurt (except maybe the greedy pimp). Plautus inspired Shakespeare’s comedies and Broadway’s A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. See the original!

4 pm, Heslep Amphitheatre (rain location: Pollard 304)

Free admission, open to the public


Katharine Bogen: Puer I Servus (Slave), Tibicen (Flutist), Cappadox Leno (Pimp), & Narrator III

Eleanor Clark: Palinurus Servus (Slave) & Therapontigonus Miles (Soldier)

Grace Anne Gregg: Phaedromus Adulescens (Youth)

Matthew Nelson: Lyco Trapezita (Banker) & Narrator I

Brooke Prevedel: Puer II Servus (Slave), Planesium Virgo (Maiden), & Narrator II

Jessica Thorne: Curculio Parasitus (Parasite)

File name : POSTER-Curculio-final-version_Liane-Houghtalin.pdf

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