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  • Women by Women: Works from UMW’s Permanent Collection

    Curated and organized by the UMW Galleries Interns:– Madeleine Almand– Jasmine Nixon– Julia (Mary) Pertracca– Alana White Faculty Mentor: Professor Jon McMillan Ridderhof Martin Gallery proudly presents, Women by Women: Works from UMW’s Permanent Collection.  UMW Galleries Interns Madeleine Almand, Jasmine Nixon, Julia Pertracca and Alana White worked throughout the semester to curate this exhibition.  […]

  • Encountering Hades: The Appearance of Hades in Archaic and Classical Greek Art and Literature

    By Madeleine Almand Faculty mentor: Dr. Joe Romero 9:00-9:50am HCC 329 Mythos from ancient Greek and Roman religions has been popular source material for modern adaptations for the past several decades. However, these adaptations are filled with modern bias and interpretation of their original texts and often differ greatly from the meaning of the ancient […]